Super Moon

Due to clouds and ropey weather the super moon wasn’t visible until up in the sky last night but I thought I would take this anyway.

Super Moon

I need to get round to shooting the moon during other phases to get nicer detail from it. Even so, this does pretty well for using the 2x converter.

Canon 1D X

So – after desiring one for some time and becoming frustrated one too many times with the buffer performance of my 1Ds MkII I decided to bite the bullet and buy a 1D X.

Obviously the weekend I receive it we have had an enormous storm arrive making the weather fairly dreadful. However, this just gave me a chance to try out the apparently incredible high ISO performance of the camera.

After a bit of playing with it and trying out various settings (there is a LOT of configuration to play with, excellently) I started tooling around photographing the dogs in the garden.

Boggle (my Black Labrador) was sat in deep shade during a sunny spell and I took a (badly framed) shot to try a higher ISO. This was the result (no cropping, default sharpening of 25 in Lightroom and no noise reduction applied:

Boggle In The Shade


Here is a 100% crop of the eye and ear:


And a 100% crop of the out of focus background:


A bit of noise there, but even what is there is pleasant smooth noise with no nasty colouration and the detail in the sharp areas of the photograph is nicely held without noise really being an issue.

This photo was taken at ISO 10,000… incredible.

There is a High ISO Noise Reduction setting in the camera which I have left as default but I haven’t ascertained whether or not that only applies to JPG files produced by the camera (the above was shot in RAW).

The following shot of Boggle running towards me was taken at ISO 16,000 in dull lighting caused by some cloud cover, click the image for a larger version:

Hover Boggle

This does exhibit some noise in the detail but it still makes for a pleasing image I think – and it is ISO 16,000 for crying out loud!

One of WIle E running in similar conditions at ISO 8,000, click the image for a larger version:


And just for the hell of it, I took one in the woods. On an overcast day, to see what I could get. Now, this would be unusable for a colour reproduction and is an aggressive crop – then converted to mono – it still makes quite a nice B&W in my opinion, although it is clearly suffering noise wise, click the image for a larger version:

That was ISO 25,600…

I can’t wait to get out into my hide or to an airshow with this camera.